Meister Cook’s Fried Food Holder FH 23-75 with ThermalBreezeTM Technology generates incredible holding times for fried foods.  This is achieved with a perfect combination of gentle convection air and radiant heat, and an air curtain that protects the fried foods.  These remove just enough moisture from fried foods to keep these fresh, hot and crisp.

The Fried Food Holder is highly energy efficient and utilizes only one heat source to generate hot convection air, radiant heat and the air curtain.  Residual heat is utilized and re-circulated. 

The Fried Food Holder is preset for optimum temperature, air volume and air velocity to hold fried foods for extended holding times.  

The Fried Food Holder is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.  The insert pan and divider can easily be removed and washed in a dishwasher.  All electrical components are placed on a single control panel for easy access. 
Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

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    FH 23-75 Operator's Manual
Meister Cook FH 23-75                           
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     FH 23-75 Specification Sheet